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Did you find out pests bugging away your furniture and belongings present at your house or office? Do you need a pest control service immediately and have no clue whom to Kontakt?

What is pest control?

One can define pest control as the regulation of pests and harm causing insects to human beings. The invaders of our homes and work places needs to be terminated in order to have healthy living conditions and proper sanity. The need of preventing the pests from infesting our houses and office buildings necessitates the requirement for a pest control service. The service helps in preventing diseases, reduces the risks of deteriorating health conditions, reduces allergy, and provides stress free sleep and immense relief to see a bug-free home environment as well.

What are pests?

Faced by many people, the attack of pests on one’s belongings is disastrous. Pests like mosquitoes, rats, mice, ants, silver fish, bed bugs, spiders, termites and many others are mainly animals which have harmful and adverse effects on people destroying their health and living conditions greatly. They carry harmful diseases, contaminate the stored food items, attack pet animals, and eat away the vegetables, damages clothes and buildings like termites, bites people and spread infections vastly.

 Methods of pest control

  • Organic methods
  • Natural methods
  • Biological methodsFS-Kammerjäger

Organic methods

These methods mainly involves the use of soil based spinosad bacterium, organic rotenone pest killer, pyrethrin botanical pesticide, naturally occurring bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, neem oil, diatomaceous earth , minerals like sulphur and Bordeaux, beneficial insects like ladybugs, lady beetles, lacewings, parasite wasps, praying mantis and ground beetles, technique of companion planting, trap crops hidden between the other crops and plants attractive the beneficial insects like corn, fennel, mountain mints, ornamental grasses and pussy willow.

Natural methods

These natural method involve use of cucumber slices, mint tea bags, changing of stored water consistently, use of garlic as bug repellent, lighting up of scented candles with essential oils, use of repellants and drinks, placing herbal sachets, planting sweet basil, use of peppermint, regularly clean dark hiding places, use of combination spray of coconut oil with vinegar as well as use of essential oils in the buildings.

Biological methods

The biological methods are mainly used for suppressing minimal population of the undesirable pests which includes the use of predatory vegetables and insects, fungal bacteria, nematode parasites, pathogens and bio pesticides.

One can easily Kontakt the pest control service providers online or by reference to prevent one’s homes from the attack of pests.