earn bitcoin


It is new:

          Ever since crypto currency came into being people have been debating about it and are still brainstorming about how it can be made common so that it comes into the mainstream and people begin using it as a way of transaction. In other words, using it to buy and sell things. But that is quite a far off thing to imagine as many are still unaware of the fact and many countries are not yet ready to recognize it as a means of transacting. However it is catching up slowly as many are debating about it n discussing it in common platforms as to how it can be used. There is also a growing curiosity as to how you can earn bitcoin and how you can own it and buy and sell things with it.

The wallet:

          If you are interested in knowing how it operates, you need to know a few important terms and one such is the electronic wallet or the bitcoin wallet. The wallet is just like an application which is used to send and receive information but it is not a physical or a material thing like the money that we use in daily life. It does not have an intrinsic value but it is a code that is safely stored in a computer network which is electronically controlled.

Get to know!

          Now, you can buy things with the bitcoin and for that you need to first of all earn bitcoin as it is represented as the bitcoin wallet that is stored as a block chain or a code in a computer system. There are a few places where you can use it like in the restaurants and other stores to buy a pizza or a coffee as it is getting into common usage.