What you need to do with a face mask?

In this article, you are going to know some of the things that you should do when you are wearing a face mask for preventing COVID19 pandemic.

  • It is strictly recommended for you to wear a face mask whenever you go outside to anywhere from your house. You should follow it so that you can put an end to this pandemic from being spread to more.
  • When you are buying a mask to prevent this corona disease from spreading, you need to make sure that the mask has multiple layers and is easy to breathe. This way you can breathe in and out through it.
  • If you have bought a KN95 Face Mask to wear, it is necessary to check whether it fits you in the right way. Also ensure that there is no gap, even there should not be any tiny holes. As, it will let some particles inside and so keep it in your mind.
  • Whenever you touch a face mask, it is strongly advised to wash your hands. Either you are wearing or removing it, you must wash your hands so that you can stop viruses getting in and going out of it.
  • There are both disposable and reusable masks that you can find in the market. When you are using disposable masks, you need to throw it once it gets wet. In case of reusable masks, you have to wash it and after getting dry, you can reuse it. But remember to wear on the same side every time of usage.
  • You must not touch your eyes, nose or mouth, whenever you put on or take out your mask. You need to remove it only by holding the ear loops and do not touch any area of that used mask. If it is a reusable one, you need to touch it only after washing the mask.
  • When you wear a mask, though it will prevent virus from spreading, you need to practice social distancing with others. You need to stay away from the crowded area and also avoid going to public places, unless it is for urgent needs.
  • In case if you are using a reusable masks, you need to wash it thoroughly using detergents and hot water. Once it is completely dried, you can reuse it, else, there are more chances for spreading virus with a wet mask.