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All You Want to Know About Collocation Service

Collocation is one type of hosting option used for the businesses of various sizes for many different reasons.  The small businesses may get required functions of the big IT department without any capital investment. Even medium and large sized businesses can expand the infrastructure without undertaking expensive construction and facility leasing. Collocation service allows you store the equipment in cabinet situated in the secure data center that have the public IP address, power supplied and bandwidth by the professional Dallas colocation service to your server.

What’s Collocation?

Collocation or colo is a practice to rent out space for the servers or other computing hardware with the 3rd party data center facilities. Generally, collocation services will include building where everything is properly housed, and networking, proper security, redundant cooling and power components that support servers & storage offered by the customer.

If you rely on the collocation service, you are sure it allows you eliminate your capital costs of building & maintaining your facility whereas allowing you retain the ownership & total control of the physical servers. But, it wants you to shoulder any upfront hardware cost, this involves higher travel costs for the engineers in an event they want to access any equipment.

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Benefits of collocation service

Businesses will capitalize on many benefits just by taking benefit of the collocation services. Some benefits include:

  • Collocation data facilities allow the tenants to use storage hardware and server of their choice.
  • Leasing space in the collocation facility will be less costly compared to building and expanding the data center.
  • Colo facilities offer on-site support services.
  • If required, extra data center space will be available that means collocation data center will accommodate development and growth.
  • Collocation data center strictly adheres to physical security protocols & may provide complete protection against the cyber attacks.

Ultimately, collocation data center facilitates remote work just by offloading the power, space as well as cooling options that are generally managed on-site. Also, when you go for the collocation services in Dallas that handle the data center management requirements it allows you focus over developing the solutions that your customers depend upon.