The best shocks for Toyota 4runner 4wd.

The best shocks for Toyota 4runner 4wd.

The Toyota of today is running scared. Until about two years ago, Toyota Motor was a company full of pride that reigned as an uncontested heavyweight champion of the 20th century auto-industry battles. But more recently, any number of problems have erupted, and the company has pleaded “guilty” to making many missteps in its attempt to rectify those issues. Today’s company has shown the world an angst-ridden face that can hardly be said to be a champ. Here are the best best shocks for Toyota 4runner 4wd 2003 to 2009/.

Toyota 4runner 4wd.

KYB kit 1663 shock For Toyota

The KYB shocks known as the GR-2 come in shocks and struts and are known to help restore factory designed performance. They are made to compensate for worn or old suspension and can be used on most imports and domestics, including SUVs and minivans. The KYB shocks model Gas-a-Just is made to increase the original performance and also offer stability. These are also a replacement for the monotube shock and are an upgrade from the twin tube, as well as being able to adjust to driving conditions. The MonoMax KYB shocks are known to give the most control for large trucks or any type of SUV. These also are great to use for those that tow or haul often and are high for bad road conditions such as potholes and such. The AGX KYB shocks are used for a fast damping rate change, so you are able to fine tune your performance. These are also good for sports cars, absolute domestics and imports as well as offering an adjustment knob for adjustments on the applications.


Bilstein 5100 shocks provide all that and more for truck and SUV owners who want to improve their vehicle’s performance and enjoy a smoother ride. These products utilize the manufacturer’s mono-tube design and are designed specifically for vehicles equipped with suspension lifts. Dedicated and highly qualified Bilstein engineers work only with quality materials in developing a line of shock absorbers to meet and exceed customer expectations. Consumers can rest assured this level of commitment to quality goes into every part produced. Spring suspension systems, from the minds of top designers, deliver performance as advertised. Consumers, vehicle dynamics experts, and professional auto parts reviewers from print publications and TV programs all agree: the company’s innovative shock designs incorporate the latest automotive technology available for reliability and improved performance. For more information about the best shocks for Toyota 4runner 4wdgo to¬†