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Guide and tips for choosing your hi-fi amplifier

cvWe can no longer count the new hi-fi amplifiers recently landed on the trade. As a result, it becomes more difficult for music lovers to ensure the reliability of a given device. For this reason, this article unveils the different criteria to take into account to make an informed choice. Focus!

Power: the first criterion to consider

It is important to determine the power of a hi-fi amplifier depending on the speakers that will be used with it. In this case, three elements come into play. First, there is maximum allowable power. This is the maximum power that a speaker can receive. It must not be exceeded so as not to damage it. Second, check the nominal impedance of the enclosure. The lower it is, the higher the power required. Finally, if the efficiency of the speaker is low, the amplifier must be powerful to compensate and vice versa

Signal quality: the important point

A hi-fi amplifier gsm booster will provide excellent playback quality, very close to the original signal. But by amplifying the latter, this equipment will similarly amplify any parasites. It is also known that the amplification strategy slightly distorts the signal. The entirety of these deformations is expressed in harmonic distortion rate or THD. In this case, the higher the THD, the lower the quality of signal processing. A high harmonic distortion rate means that any noise will be more audible while listening. However, it should be noted that this rate naturally increases as the level of amplification increases.

signal boosterConnecticut: characteristic not to be taken lightly

The amplifier’s role is to establish the link between the speakers and the source (digital music player, CD player or other). An amplifier that has two switchable speaker terminals allows you to set up another listening area. In this way, users will enjoy their favorite music in another room or on the terrace. Also, the presence of a USB port can be interesting for people who want to enjoy their audio installation with their Smartphone, USB key or external hard drive. Also, iPhone users will do better to opt for a device with an AirPlay receiving module.

Remote control: not insignificant detail

The remote control is very practical, and should not be left behind. With this device, users will be able to change channels or songs remotely. In this way, they can benefit from flexibility in terms of decoration and installation. It is also possible to invest in a universal remote control. The latter can control all devices available in the living room. It has the advantage of being more practical.