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Top Reasons to own a Facebook Page for Business

No need to present Facebook! With 31 million lively users each and  every month, it is the leading social network. Also, it is also a  powerful publicity and message lever that companies must use to make themselves known and prosper. We have, therefore compiled a parallel reason why it is now essential to make a Facebook page.

Increase awareness and visibility of your business

Facebook is the world’s leading social network. Each and Every month, more than a number of citizens around the world visit a Facebook page. Being on the social network can only transport you some extra and complementary visibility to your website, or even outright visibility if a citizen does not have his own  website. Knowing that make a Facebook Page is very easy and it is totally free of cost  you’d be wrong to deny yourself the potential it has in terms of marketing tools, imitation, and reach. A very large number of your clients and forecast have a  Facebook account, so you have to go find them and reach them where they are. Having an expert Page does not only get better your visibility, but you will also be able to raise your notoriety with a group of people that you will have federated. By frequently publishing relevant content, you will also get better your natural referencing. Thanks to the excellent traffic that you will make on your website, a person will be an additional present on Google. In addition, Facebook indexes each Page on looking for engines. If a user search for his  industry on Google, or any other search engine like yahoo a they will fall on your Facebook page at the first results.

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Unite a community, build customer loyalty and communicate

Who says the social network,  to buy facebook likes says virtual community. The distinguishing feature of Facebook is its ability to gather such a community. Thus, you will be able to federate Internet users around your brand. Facebook will create a link between your business and your fans; it’s up to you to create a link strong enough for your fans to become customers. We will have to maintain this relationship, by exchanging with them, by publishing creative and relevant content, by interacting with them.To do this, you must be reactive and respond to their messages and comments. Facebook has also implemented a characteristic that allows users to rate and reward your strong receptiveness to messages, and it also calculates the standard rate and response time of your Page, which it then displays on it.Thanks to your Page, you can easily communicate with your fans via comments or Messenger. You can also customize your username on Messenger to make it easier to identify, as well as the welcome message.

Value of Know about your clients

Facebook provides a  large number of  good  figure of very relevant and good-looking tools to learn from. Statistics are one of them. They will always  permit you to better know your fans, your clients, and your prospects. This will always  help you improved orient and optimize your advertising campaigns, your publications, your sending frequencies, etc.

The Page figures section (Facebook Insights) is the tool in which all the capacity and data on your Page will be displayed. You can follow: