Why should you go for custom 1911 rifles? How are they different?

Think of the situations when you need a firearm. Most of them are cases where you want to defend yourself from an invader either on the road or your house or anywhere else. When you think of buying a rifle, you not only think of the reason for a brand, but the purpose too. While there are many brands of rifles available, 1911 rifles are mostly preferred and easily customizable. Here are some reasons why you should prefer custom 1911. It I always a good idea to know gram a comprehensive info before you make a purchase.

Reasons to prefer custom 1911

  1. The first thing about 1911 rifles is that they are customizable in terms of grip, light, sight, slide, finishes, engraving, front strap, main string and safety. This allows you to customize a gun as per your grip and body stature. Rather than getting some branded gun that is not suitable for your requirement, you can actually invest accordingly in a gun as per your requirement.
  2. 1911 are a potent small size guns that are very accurate and can be carried anywhere easily.
  3. Rifles are completely reliable without any major type of malfunctions as compared to revolvers. You go for many rounds with this type of rifle.
  4. 1911 has a greater concealability with thinnest width and caliber. This is because the thickness of the gun decides the concealable feature of the gun and not the length of the gun. With a good slide width and grip width, there is easier conceal with custom 1911 guns.
  5. 1911 guns come in a size and weight that can be easily controlled with your hand and supported with a good strong belt.
  6. With a 1911 rifle, a good concealer, things come faster and smoother on target as compared to other guns.
  7. It is a gun that has a good accuracy of giving a hole on something that is 15 yards away as compared to other guns.
  8. 1911 parts are easily available anywhere as compared to other guns. While a store will definitely have it on bench since 6 months, you can get parts easily from any online store as well. Again, customizing it as per your requirement is very easy and you can even get it done from any online store or choose you to do it yourself if you have just some decent knowledge about guns. The parts of 1911 are inexpensive too.