Are you looking for a new juicer? You’ve probably had yours for many years already. It’s served you well. You made many memories with it during all the time. From the late-night party drinks you concocted to the early morning milkshakes you made, it surprisingly has been able to do a lot. But alas, it’s time to retire old-timer. All good things must come to an end and it’s time for a new beginning. And what a beginning it is. From the time you bought your juicer till the time it had to be thrown away, a variety of technological advances have been made on juicers today. The mobile phone isn’t the only device that’s getting smarter, so are the kitchen appliances.

Crunch Time

Juicers of yesterday had a hard time slicing and dicing certain items to a pulp. Maybe their engines and rotations were too slow or the fruits were too hard. But, if you search best commercial juicer you’ll find a lot of options that have incredible horse power (for juicers I mean). Now you don’t have to pre-cut or pre-slice any of the fruits or vegetables just to increase the likelihood of having them juiced. These machines can do it all.

Silent Killer

You know someone is juicing when you hear that unmistakable roar. Who knew such a tiny machine can produce decibel breaking sounds? It was a quirk you learned to live with but you’re ready to look for something a little less disruptive. More and more juicers now are created with silence in mind. Their minimal noise levels make it ideal for anyone who wants to make a pina colada in peace.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

Have you noticed how your laptops are getting smaller and your phones are getting slimmer? It seems everything nowadays is going on a diet. This includes juicers. There used to be a time when these machines would take up so much space in the kitchen. It’s as if you had a mini fridge on top of the table counter. Size meant power back then, and the bigger the juicer the faster the speed. Now, it’s much different. Juice power can come in small packages and it usually does. If you browse best commercial juicer through you’d find that the options presented are massive behemoths ready to take over your kitchen but rather they’re small wonders ready to create delicious drinks.