Know about causes of hair loss and its treatment

Hair loss can affect only the scalp or the entire body. It can be a consequence of hereditary factors, hormonal changes, a disease or medications. Anyone can have hair loss, but it is more common in men.

Usually, baldness refers to excessive hair loss of the scalp. The most frequent cause of baldness is the hereditary factor along with age. Some people prefer to let baldness run its course without treating it or trying to hide it. Others can cover it with hairstyles, makeup, hats or scarves. Others even choose one of the available treatments to prevent hair loss from continuing and restore their growth.

Before starting a hair loss treatment, talk to your doctor about the cause and about the best treatment options. To know more about it read GroomingAdepts program.


  • Male distribution baldness
  • Female distribution baldness
  • Irregular hair loss
  • Alopecia by traction

Hair loss can appear in many ways, depending on the cause. It may appear suddenly or gradually, affecting only the scalp or the entire body.


Different symptoms of hair loss issues are as below:

  • Loss of gradual hair thickness in the upper part of the head. This is the most common type of hair loss, and it affects both men and women as they get older. In men, the hairline begins to recede from the forehead in a line that resembles the letter M. Women usually retain the hairline on the forehead but present a widening in the separation of the hair.
  • Points of baldness circular or in patches. In some people there are soft bald spots, the size of coins. This type of hair loss usually affects only the scalp, but sometimes it also occurs in the beard or eyebrows. In some cases, there may be itching or pain in the skin before the hair falls out.
  • Hair loss throughout the body. Some medical circumstances and action such as cancer chemotherapy can reason hair loss all through the body. Frequently, the hair grows back.

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Benefit of groganics for hair loss

  • Gently cleans and removes dirt, oil and any other accumulation
  • Expands the hair shaft to produce thick, healthy hair
  • For fuller, thicker and healthier hair
  • Special blend of natural thickeners that expand the hair shaft to produce thick, healthy and thick hair
  • Gently cleanses and removes dirt, oil and any buildup when hair thickens
  • The hair will look fuller, thicker and healthier.