Change meta game in competitive DotA

The next DotA tournaments will move away from version 6.48b and use version 6.51. This change will be significant on the tournament stage. In addition to the changes made to the lists of professional teams in recent tournaments, this new version will demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of the participating players.

The most significant change should be the “nerf” of Dagger Escape, also known as Blink Dagger. Well guys, Blink Dagger here would be a more appropriate name, since the flickering ability has been deactivated for THREE full seconds (counting from the last hit). If you’ve seen tournaments before, it’s easy to see how the buy dota 2 battle cup wins is a good name. With this change, it is likely that the dagger is used for a random escape. The salvation you would probably have achieved without a dagger. The dagger will be used primarily as a positioning tool for key skills such as Hub, Reverse Polarity, Echo Punch or Field Freeze.

Ability to blink

On the contrary, it is likely that heroes with the ability to blink have a higher priority when choosing a composition. Heroes like Queen of Pain, Faerie Dragon and Dark Seer are more likely to see a tournament game in the next games. Given that, like Akasha, Queen of Pain is already widely used in tournaments, it will be interesting to see how teams choose their lists in the selection process for each match. Although Pak, the Dragon Fairy, the Dark Seer are new heroes who cannot be tolerated in a tournament game, their innate ability to blink will be a key factor in their choice.

The next key factor that will come into play is the loss of the empty bottle of the secret stores of the upper and lower strip. You need your chicken like never before. It is now called “Elf Stores” and it displays many different items, which are obviously key components of the higher-level items. These stores are also not accessible from the side street. You must take your hero closer to the store before you can buy anything. These stores also offer lane flexibility with affordable products.

From a superior point of view, many changes in the new version improve the game

Games should end faster than normal because it is much easier to die. In general, these changes are good and consistent with the general objective of the manufacturer. It will be interesting to see what professionals are doing with these changes and how they incorporate them into their strategy.