Beginner guide – How to play Pokemon Go?

Beginner guide – How to play Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is a new striking and prominent video game for Smartphone running Android and iOS. Players need to go outside for having immense pleasure and fun in this game. Everyone can have a great adventure and explorations in the real world. The game makes use of camera and GPS to form a real Pokémon world in game which precisely fits the real world from buildings to parks, rivers, roads and so on. Collect poke balls and start to search and catch Pokémon close by. If you roam around in the real world and beneath the sunlight, you can find more and more Pokémon. As a player, you can train or power them as per your own preferences. People who are crazy about this game can make use of pokemon go accounts to play efficiently. You can purchase numerous items at poke stops which are local landmarks or parks.

Beginner guide – How to play Pokemon Go?

Explore the Pokémon world

If there is any Pokémon nearby, your mobile will vibrate so that you can grasp them effortlessly. Then, you want to throw your poke ball on the screen. You can also take control the local gyms by fighting for your team. And there are still heaps of other stuffs are waiting for you in Pokemon Go. You just need to download the game in your mobile so that you can explore into the real world at any time.

  • Pokemon Go is a very easy to play and get began with. Even, if you have not played any other Pokemon games before, you will not find any troubles to hang with this game.
  • Read the Pokemon Go Guides to know all about the game and it helps you to start the game fluently.

Begin your Pokemon Go journey

You have to download the game, learn the basic controls and familiarized yourself with the usual terms to get start with the game. You are now ready to commence your Pokemon journey. You have the chance to make your own Pokemon Go trainer at the very beginning of the game. The trainer will serve as your ideal avatar as you travel the world. You will be given with a choice to name and customize your trainer with an assortment of dissimilar cosmetic options. Once you have finished your trainer’s username and appearance, you can start the game instantly. Even, you can join the game with your friends by choosing a team.