features of online Bitcoin

Interesting features of online Bitcoin

As the bitcoin currency is getting popular throughout the world, people want to know the avenues of buying the bitcoin and own online bitcoin wallet. You may buy your bitcoin in the following places

  • Some times bitcoin meet ups are arranged in your locality where you can get bitcoins
  • You may use bitcoin games connection to get bitcoins for your online wallet.
  • Efforts are also on to open local bitcoin street exchanges throughout the world. The first such street exchange took place in the Wall Street under a Buttonwood tree in the 1792. As such the bitcoin street exchanges are named after Buttonwood. Look out for one in your area if it is not found start one in your area.
  • Discuss bitcoin with your friends and try to get them with bitcoin currency. The more the people use bitcoin currency the more the bitcoin currency will be successful.

bitcoin games connection

Bitcoin currency exists digitally and hence it has no form. But many people like to get the bitcoin physically apart from their online bitcoin wallet. There are ways to satisfy them too.

Mild Caldwell devised a method to own bitcoin in physical form. It is named as Cascascius Coins. A physical coin is minted and the private key number is embedded inside it. When you will like to see the private number you have to peel out the hologram which is fixed on the number. The physical coin will then show clearly that it has been tampered with.