How to manage the volatility of cryptocurrencies in your business?

Before including bitcoin in your company, you should be aware of the risk of volatility inherent in cryptocurrencies, which means that they can suffer large falls. In fact, there is still no exchange coverage insurance for cryptocurrencies.

Companies that use bitcoin , such as coinmarketcap , explain that they do not assume any risk because they do not store it. Basically, they use it to offer an alternative of additional payment to customers,

Possibility of attracting new customers.

The interest aroused by bitcoin, a cryptocurrency admitted worldwide, can help you attract new customers. Buying bitcoin and using them in your business transactions will allow you to get ahead of the competition by transmitting an image of business innovation. It could also boost the growth of your business by allowing you to set more competitive prices.

The incentive for workers.

Some companies have already started paying in bitcoin a part of the workers’ salary, which can be an additional incentive to retain those who want to invest in this currency in the long term.

Do you believe that in the future they will go to additional?

The advantages of this type of money that we listed above position it as an excellent alternative for many people who have to send money. Apart from being a currency with a limitation in its issuance, they allow that before the increase in its demand its price has risen and therefore becoming an excellent investment. It is also a technology that allows you to create automatic rules for money (for example, it could be programmed that an inheritance could only be spent 10% annually). All these great advantages allow us to predict that its use will continue to grow.