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How to properly maintain a used car for its longevity

Buying a good quality used car isn’t a big deal. To make it last longer, maintenance is much important. It is in our hand to maintain it properly to extend our ownership for long period that can effectively utilize your money spent on buying a used car. To buy a good quality used car, refer honda fresno for choosing from a wide range of used cars.

Every new car will come with a user manual provided by its manufacturer on how to maintain it. Properly following the instructions will surely help to extend the life of a used car. There are some of the maintenance tips that you must follow regularly. They are as follows,

  1. Check plugs having issues.
  2. Oil filter must be changed frequently.
  3. Brake fluid must be examined regularly.
  4. Check for the condition of tires. It must have correct pressure. Most manufacturers recommend usage of rotate tires.
  5. Coolant must be replaced in regular intervals.

If you follow all these steps then it would surely increase your car’s life.

 used cars

There are some things that can be done by us in maintenance of the used car.

  • You must clean the car both inside and out using vacuum cleaner which leaves no dirt available. Next, should use a good quality cleanser to foam and clean it with a nice cloth. Cleaning with a rough cloth will leave the glasses or the body of the car with scratch
  • When any of the wipers gets damaged or worn out, it must be changed as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the one using the car. Dealers of honda fresno provide used cars with lifetime warranty on engine and transmission components
  • Tire must be inflated with correct amount of air and proper pressure must be maintained in all the tires. Spare tire must be kept along with the car in correct pressure
  • Check if all the lights are proper and nothing is burned out
  • Change the air filter in cabin after some years because it will work much better and provides us more comfort than before
  • Check regularly for any scratches in the external surface of the car. Because if you didn’t notice it for a long time, then the scratch when comes in contact with water becomes a rust that can damage the look of the car and may cost more to remove it.