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Gain on your rivals with right gear

Time is money, sometimes literally so. There are moments where entire course of history (and with it, legacy) can be decided in split seconds. Ask a motorsport enthusiast or professional to know about it. The performance during a race depends as much on the driver as it does on the machines. The one who sits in the cockpit is able to deliver as much as he can because the machine has been tuned to near perfection. One of the most integral parts of a well oiled, slick automobile is the transmission. Race cars are equipped with Motocross Shop clutch plates that greatly reduce the time between transmissions, allowing the driver to take advantage of every slip second that can be saved.

What sets it apart?

The most obvious question must be about what sets it apart from others like it. Quite a lot actually, in ordinary vehicles (and semi pro ones too), the time duration between a shift is more. This time duration is the number of seconds taken by the engine to disengage torque at the current gear, shift to a higher or lower one and re-engage torque to the engine to provide moving capacity to the vehicle. If you have ever seen the cockpit footage of a driver, you must have noticed how quickly they operate their gear shifting. This action coupled with the number of times that it needs to be done and the high speeds it is done at, puts the gear box under immense pressure. An ordinary one will break down in a matter of minutes and even if it did not, the driver would lose out on the delay it creates by taking more time to perform its function.

Inviting atmosphere

What is all the hue and cry about?

Clutch plates are way different form the normal ones that we use in everyday vehicles. In the manner that they are lighter (which helps reduce the weight and moment of inertia) while allowing maximum engine acceleration in the minimum shift duration. Additionally, they can be individually configured for vehicles based on the driving style of the driver. They are used to lend the extra edge to a team. It is no secret that races are not won by speed alone. There are a lot of factors that go alongside it, like dexterity, agility, transmission, suspension, etc. The more a team pays attention to the details, the more refined the vehicles become. On the day of the race, no one can afford to be even a second behind the other. Anyone can beat anybody on a given day; it is up to the engineers to show which team is the best.

Where to find them?

 They are manufactured by companies for private use. But if you want to source them, a lot of manufacturers also deal in parts individually. You can contact them and seek assistance in setting up your ultimate custom vehicle. Take to the streets in a car that is barely this side of street legal and leave everyone behind.